Unfortunately, the Earth is becoming difficult to breathe with clean air due to climate change, environmental pollution, and various diseases.

Fine dust and yellow dust that threaten our health more and more. Dust and contaminants that accumulate when a window is opened. Chemical fibers and vinyl components that prevent breathing and make skin sick.

We are not safe from germs, mites, and pollution.
Lemon, the company that exclusively supplies nanofiber filters, has been studying nanofiber, a next-generation material with excellent ventilation and complete water-proofing for the past 11 years.
As a result, we have secured patented manufacturing technology in over 50 countries around the world.

Using Nano Membrane – BEYONDTEX, SOOMLAB is researching and creating innovative lifestyle products that we need to help everyone breath more comfortably and healthily.

Approved its functionality, safety and style Exporting all over the world

To help you breathe in the clear air anytime, anywhere and enjoy a healthier life

SOOMLAB’s research and effort will continue.
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