Below FAQ are some common concerns of Soomlab clients. If you have other questions, please CONTACT US

Please note that 3D secure authentication is offered to cardholders as an additional layer of protection as it requires the purchaser to enter a secure password in order to confirm his/her identity before the payment is approved. It is basically an online payment service that protects customers and merchants from potential frauds. It seems that the reason for payment rejection is that the cardholders did not activate the 3D secure on their credit card. Therefore, we are kindly asking you to contact your card company to activate this service for a secure payment process.
Please check the expire date of the code. Also, please note that we do not allow using discount code during sale.
Please refer to this link/chart for sizing details as the fitting may differs by individual sizes.
Shipment date is the next business day following the order date. Please be advised that orders placed on Fridays or before national holidays may require a few additional days before shipping.
It generally takes 3-5 business days to be delivered. However, please kindly understand that shipping might take longer than expected and it is out of our control as the local courier is in charge of the delivery process. There can be unexpected delays due to unpredictable weather conditions or the current COVID-19 pandemic.
You will receive the tracking number to your E-mail once the shipping is started. Please provide us with your E-mail address when placing an order.

Please note that it is faster to contact the local courier as they have more exact details of the current status of your package. If you cannot resolve this issue with the courier, please reach out to with your order number.

Please reach out to with the photo of what you received and your order number. Our employee will assist you in this matter.

Please reach out to with the photo of what you received and your order number. Our employee will assist you in this matter.

You can cancel your order and place a new one if the shipping is not started yet.
We recommend you cancel your order and place a new one as we cannot make a change before it is out for delivery because our CS center only operate during weekdays and in limited time.

This is our Return/Refund policy. Please review the policy and reach out to if you want to take further steps. Also, please understand that sale items are not refunded or exchanged unless it is a defective item.

The nano-filter used in each mask is different. AirQueen breeze has a higher filtration grade filter and therefore has acquired CE certificate from European Commissions. The nanofiber membrane is tighter and narrower for AirQueen Breeze allowing for higher filtration rate. Shape and size of the two are relatively similar.
The filter used in each mask is different as KF is made of MB filter and KF-Registered. Airqueen Breeze is made of Nano filter and CE-Registered.
Our shipping is DDU (delivery duty unpaid) basis. It is the customers' responsibility to pay the duty imposed on the item in order to receive the goods safely. There are purchase limits and restrictions on imported goods set by each country and it is not within our control. Duty and import taxes vary for each order and are decided by the country's customs upon the products' arrival. Therefore, it being different per order, we are sorry to say that we cannot measure nor estimate the timings/pricings that may occur.
Spray 75% ethyl or isopropyl inside and outside of mask 2-3 times and leave it to dry fully. Please make sure the mask is completely dried before wearing them.
The mask can be reused up to 10 times with our UVC mask sterilizer which is proven to disinfect COVID-19 virus.
Please be aware. Any sorts of returns / exchanges for COVID-19 related items are not accepted unless they were damaged in the first place.
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