Reusable Mask

Is your mask reusable ?

 => Yes, basically, every mask on our website is reusable except for the daily masks such as DAILY COLOR MASK (5 COLORS) and SOOMLAB LIGHT 3PLY MASK. These exceptional masks are recommended for once of use.



Which Mask Is Reusable ?

 => Our Soomlab masks and other Nano filter mask we carry (except for Airqueen Breeze and MB filter mask) can be reused up to 10 times with our UVC sterilizer or proper sterilization by using 75% ethyl or 70% isopropyl without reducing filtration of Nano filter. 


Then How To Sterilize Those With MB Filter ?

 =For MB filter mask and Airqueen Breeze, the mask can be reused up to 10 times only with UVC mask sterilizer (No with Alcohol) which is proven to disinfect COVID-19 virus.


How To Sterilize ? 

 => Simply fold the mask to fit our UVC sterilizer and keep it in the device for about 3 mins of sterilizing time. 

 => Spray 75% ethyl or isopropyl inside and outside of mask 2-3 times and leave it to dry fully. Please make sure the masks are completely dried before wearing them.If concentration of ethyl and isopropyl is higher than we suggest, we recommend diluting it with water.




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