The answer is BEYONDTEX
- SOOMLAB’s high-tech
nano technology

Made of nanofiber, called dream fiber, BEYONDTEX has numerous invisible air holes that allow air to flow well and completely block pollutants.

Not only is it much easier to breathe through fine air holes, but it is also a dream fiber that has excellent performance to filter PM2.5 ultrafine dust.

SOOM LAB’S BEYONDTEX filters and masks are exclusively manufactured and supplied
by Lemon Inc.

Most conventional masks are static and are less efficient due to moisture generated during breathing.

Beyondtex filters itself on nano-fiber structure, so it can be worn for a long time and is a filter with both breathability, blocking and persistence.

Ventilation experiment

How small pollutants can it block?
BEYONDTEX nano membrane filter is made of 0.1μm of dense nanofiber,
which is larger than air particles and smaller than harmful particles, so it safely filters out harmful substances and makes breathing easier.

What’s the difference?
The fiber is thick average space between the fibers is over 10μm. * μm = micro meter, 0.1μm = 100nm
Very thin, nano thickness average space between the fibers is 1.0μm, with self filtering. * μm = micro meter, 0.1μm = 100nm
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